Friday, 15 July 2011

It's so big Ladies and Gentlemen that even John Holmes would be jealous (if he were alive today).

Thanks to the devoted and supportive atmosphere of the PGR crowd, this is one of the most enjoyable slams you'll ever encounter.

There will of course be the option of our usual open mic slots...but the fact that there will be actual prize money and the chance to win a feature slot at a future PGR is surely enough to tempt even performance newbies to come and join the fun

The guidelines are as follows:
  • The slam will take place over 3 rounds
  • Each poem should be no longer than 3mins
  • Each poet will be appreciated according to their content, delivery and audience response
  • The top scoring 4 poets will duel it out in the Semi-final
  • The winner will take home a share of the door takings, and will be offered the chance to feature at a future PGR (assuming they've not featured numerous times before)
If you've any further questions, or to register - get in touch - PGRPoetry(at)