Saturday, 31 March 2012

April's Amazing Guest

There's no fools this April as PGR welcomes another outstanding talent as it's feature poet
Martin Daws
Personally i witnessed Martin's talent up close at a beautiful festival near the Rollright Stones.
He is amazing, with a lyricism and rhythm that comes straight from the heart.

Here is some more info i ripped straight off his website:
An electrifying poet whose live sets blend free musicality and innovative lyricism in a unique improvised theatre, Martin Daws’ work explores life, nature and who the hell we think we are, anyway! Martin’s poetry shows a rare breadth of style and voice, and he has also been introduced to an audience as ‘a thoroughly nice man’.
Martin is a double Farrago Slam Champ, and has been runner-up in both the Glastonbury Festival Slam and the John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry. He got a coveted five star review on debut at the Edinburgh Festival (2008) and is the author of the acclaimed book/cd 'Skin Tight the Sidewalk'. Martin Daws is Poet in Residence at Moelyci Environment Centre, North Wales.
Broadcast on numerous occasions, Martin has published in international journals, and performed extensively around the UK and Ireland. His musical collaborations with Electro-Acoustic Composer Rob Mackay have toured internationally, taking video of Martin in performance and recordings of his voice to multi-media performances in 4 continents. Martin’s rare ability to improvise poetry has led him into several ongoing collaborations with jazz musicians performing internationally at concerts, jazz festivals, poetry shows and garden sheds.

Usual Time: 7.30pm 
Usual Place: The Sozzled Sausage in Leamington Spa

Unusual Contributions from...YOU!!!!

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